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10 Monthly Must-Dos: Jumpstart Your Month with These Simple Tasks

Updated: Mar 29

I love creating a monthly checklist for the beginning of each month! Life blends and blurs together if we are not conscious of our goals. I'm VERY much into doing certain things at the start of each month when the energy feels fresh and pure. So, here's my top 10!

  1. Reflect on the Previous Month: Frequent reflection is essential for growth. List down the significant events that happened last month. Note what went well and what could have been done better. What mistakes did you make that could've been prevented? How can you be better next time? Did you take enough time to rest?

  2. Check Finances: Go through your accounts to ensure nothing looks weird, ensure all your bills are paid or scheduled, and check in with your spending habits. Then, make a monthly financial goal, like saving $100 weekly or making coffee/tea at home.

  3. Give Your Body a Scan: Give yourself a monthly check-up! Are you feeling OK? How's your sleep? How was your cycle? Do you need to go to the dentist?

  4. Go Through Your Closet: See what you can donate or pack away for other seasons.

  5. Set Personal Goals: It doesn't need to be massive; pick 1-3 things you want to work on this month.

  6. Clean out Technology: Reorganize your desktop and delete old text messages and photos. Unsubscribe from emails and clear out those tabs in your browser and desktop!

  7. Make a List: Brain dump all the lingering tasks or thoughts in your head! Then, prioritize the things that must get done this month. Lastly, schedule your assignments throughout the month.

  8. Treat Yourself: Celebrate the new month by taking care of yourself. This could be scheduling a massage or buying that awesome ninja blender.

  9. Let Go of Last Month's Worries: A new month is a perfect time to move forward. Leave the baggage behind!

  10. Take on a 30-Day Challenge: If you've wanted to make a significant change, eat healthier, sleep better, or start exercising again, etc.- a new month is the best time to start. So jump on day one, commit to a month, and see where it takes you!

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