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About Me,

I'm glad you're here. I'm Jade Morning Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Entrepreneur passionate about feeling and looking your best. I train, connect, and coach women of all ages, from children to mothers, with a wide range of workouts, HIIT workouts, volleyball practices, stairs, IG Lives, and boot camps. My audience always reciprocates the passion I have. Every day I am inspired to create things that help address, educate, enlighten, empower, and support people. It’s my mission to make the journey simple and exciting for my clients.

My story of self-discovery started after I completely lost myself in my early 20s. I had gained over 50lbs, switched collegiate major for the 3rd time, and was ultimately going through the motions. I was following the crowd and doing things because it was the "right thing" to do. However, I wasn't chasing any intrinsic dreams, and I was constantly uncomfortable with my lack of growth.


Once I realized I was wasting time, sulking in my sadness, and ultimately reaching the peak of my frustrations, I became dedicated to defining myself and becoming 1% better each day. I removed all distractions, focused on being disciplined, and created different HIIT routines that I could do in my living room. I mastered weight loss, started sharing my workouts online, and realized how many people enjoyed the challenge and wanted more from me. I immediately earned my PT certificate and began entrepreneurship in 2019. Fitness and working out have always been my passion because I've played and weight-trained my entire life. I haven't stopped playing volleyball for longer than a year since I was nine years old! Once I recommitted to fitness, it just felt like the ultimate "ah ha" moment. You'll be met with endless inspiration and opportunities when you finally pursue your passion. I kept an open mind, accepted all challenges, and showed up in each new space as if I belonged there. 


That energy still hasn't left me; if anything, I've been able to nurture and cultivate that energy for my community and myself. Today, I personal train and health coach full time, sell online programs, model, and create content for myself and different online applications. In addition, I am the owner of Equanimity Athletics, which helps bring peace back into our community through group workouts and other social fitness events. I believe in my journey and remove myself from any expected outcomes. 

Over the years, I developed the perfect culmination of strength, plyometric, and HIIT training that will keep you on your toes. I specialize in having great motivational and inspiring energy. I lead in everything I do and am known for being the fitness fairy everyone needs to get back on track. My work ethic sets me apart; I'm a fitness junkie and a businesswoman with my hands and feet in multiple business endeavors. I'm proud of the results and relationships I create with my clients. I'm pleased to be able to help a broad spectrum of women aging for 13-60. I want each client to leave me feeling educated, enlightened, empowered, and supported. 

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