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Binaural Beats Benefits

About 3 years ago I stopped listening to hiphop/r&b to study and switched to cool playlists like Lofi on youtube. It’s something about those subtle beats that ease your mind and help you focus on the task at hand. My world changed when I jumped down the rabbit hole and researched music, frequencies, and how it can quite literally program our brains and behaviors. A few hundred years ago most music was all in 432hz, and studies show that this frequency removes stress, uplifts your mood, and so much more.

Let's jump into the science behind all of this. So what is a binaural beat?

When your brain hears two frequencies the brain processes them as one beat. As humans, our brains have 5 brainwaves that are constantly operating.

Gamma; which is involved with processing complex tasks and is essential for learning.

Beta; which is the most frequently found in awake humans, and is important for reading, speaking, and thinking.

Alpha; promotes calmness.

Theta; promotes daydreaming and a hypnotic state.

Delta; promotes a deep level of relaxation and sleep, and as you age you proceed with fewer delta waves.

The benefits of this are endless, but here are just a few:

  • Improved Relaxation

  • Lowered Stress/Anxiety

  • Increased Concentration

  • Increased Positivity

  • Improved Clarity

  • Deeper Meditation

I love listening to binaural beats to help me wake up, focus, stretch, take baths, meditate, and clean up. And if I’m ever feeling stressed or overwhelmed they help remove the negative energies!

The best way to listen to binaural beats is with headphones and always start from the beginning. Make it a daily habit and avoid listening during tasks like driving or operating machinery. Don’t hesitate to change a soundtrack if it doesn’t work for you! I challenge you to give binaural beats a try the next time you need help waking up or getting pumped up for a workout.

You can find many apps, there are playlists on Apple Music, and even some cool soundtracks on youtube.

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