Superfoods & Supplements of the Year

Whenever I post supplements on Instagram, so many people reach out to ask what my daily go-to's are. Below are my top choices, I do not leave the house without consuming these supplements. Let's get into it!!


Im obsessed with the power of nature, it has the ability to combat stress and target issues at its source. I choose to feel better, every day, holistically!


Raw garlic is so slept on. It's such a powerful spice and has been used for years as a food flavoring and traditional medicine for centuries. It's mineral-rich, loaded with potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and iron. It also contains minerals like iodine and sulfur and vitamins like thiamine and vitamin A, B6, C, and K. Taking garlic consistently will help control bacterial, viral, fungal, and yeast infections. It'll also increase your energy, lower blood pressure, and help combat the flu.

The best way to consume is to ALWAYS crush first. Crushing your garlic will release powerful enzymes if you can let sit for 10-15 minutes before eating. Dice up one clove really small, and take like a pill. If you ever feel a cold coming on, do this up to 3x a day with tons of water.


You guys know I'm nothing without my CHLOROPHYLL. Think of chlorophyll as plant blood, it's essential in photosynthesis. When we consume regularly it will purify the blood, protect the body, and carry oxygen around more efficiently. It also will reduce the risk of cancer, detox the liver, and improve exhaustion. I love how much energy I get from taking and it also helps with body odor so well, I don't wear deodorant! It will also tackle acne and expedite the healing of wounds.

You've already consumed chlorophyll before if you've eaten kale, collard greens, spinach, arugula, and seaweed. Get my favorite brand; Chloroxygen. Since it will viral on TikTok the amazon price is now over $20. You can get it for around $13.00 at Sprouts! Hurry up and buy before they catch on!

When taking this supplement it's crucial to get sunlight for max results!


Sea moss is algae that can be found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The benefits are ENDLESS, but in a nutshell, it contains 92 of the 102 minerals that the body needs! Sea moss is high in fiber making it an effective pre-biotic to help restore a healthy gut! It's great for cold prevention because it's loaded with vitamins and minerals that help remove mucus from your body. It will help your mood and give you energy throughout the day! AND IF ALL OF THAT DOESNT MAKE YOU WANT TO GET SEA MOSS- know that it'll help boost the libido due to high levels of zinc!

I personally take capsules over the liquid but you can get quality sea moss from my girl over there at @HellaHealthy! I met this beauty at a vendors event in LA and love watching her brand grow!

4. CBD

I love all things cannabis-related. The benefits are endless, I'll be doing a blog post about that in the future, but CBD has been a part of my daily regime for some time now. CBD helps relieve chronic pain and inflammation. It's great for tackling muscle spasms and/or menstrual cramps. It'll help relieve anxiety and depression and improve sleep.

I use CBD in two ways; topically and orally. I am obsessed with the company @Prima. All of their products are clean and sustainable, 3rd party tested, and Dr. formulated. I use their night magic and stress relief oil as well as take the daily and the No Worries Multi-Blend!

Use my code JADE for a discount!


Ashwagandha is THAT GIRL! The benefits of it are endless. It's one of the staples of ancient medicine. It's an evergreen shrub that grows in India, Africa, and the middle east. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, which means it adapts to stress. It also promotes healthy sexual functioning. Its also going to help reduce blood sugar levels, reduce anxiety and prevent arthritis, asthma, and regulate the immune system.

I use Primas No Worries Multi-Blend for my daily dose of Ashwagahnga!


Ginger is another superfood that I consume daily. It has a wide range of health benefits; improves digestion and oral health, regulates blood sugar, and reduces inflammation. I love taking ginger for its antibacterial properties, consuming it regularly will treat most microbial diseases. Ginger is also great to consume in the winter, it'll heat you up from the inside!

I take ginger in many different ways! I love Kromas Beauty Matcha Latte! It's loaded with collagen, turmeric, and ginger! I also add ginger into my smoothies, make ginger tea, and love ginger-flavored Kombucha.


LOVE Turmeric! This spice is a relative of ginger, but beware it does stain! Turmeric is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It tackles inflammation, improves memory, fights depression, and helps prevent cancer!

Just like ginger in different ways. I juice it, blend it, steep it, and even cook with it!

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