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Benefits of Milk Thistle

Back in 2020, Milk thistle easily became one of my favorite supplements. After about days 15 of liver cleansing, I noticed milk thistle was boosting my digestive system which made me feel lighter throughout the day.

Milk thistle has a long history as a natural remedy for liver diseases. The ancient philosophers Pliny and Galen both praised the herb for liver cleansing. Now, milk thistle is one of the most well-researched plants for liver support. Thousands of modern research studies have confirmed the remarkable ability of this herb to protect the liver and body against all types of damage.

The active ingredient in milk thistle called Silymarin is responsible for many positive healing effects because it prevents the binding of toxins to the liver. Silymarin further protects the liver by boosting the repair of damaged liver cells, reduce the scarring. It aids in healing by flushing out the stored toxins in our bodies.

Weight Loss

Very few people recognize the function of liver fat reduction. Silymarin will enhance liver function, which increases the metabolization of fat. Milk thistle provides a natural digestion boost, nourishes the intestinal walls, and can calm the symptoms of IBS. Consuming the herb will help with weight loss, constipation, and IBS.

Skin Support

Our skin is a cleansing organ. The detoxifying effect combined with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties has beneficial effects on acne. Many times these conditions appear due to poor immune systems and poor overall health of the liver. A review in 2015 revealed that milk thistle helped improve inflammatory skin diseases when consumed.

Anti-Aging Agent

Antioxidants present in milk thistle protect the skin from free radical damage which will slow down the signs of aging. Milk thistle will minimize dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and protect against UV light.

Immune System Boost

Milk thistle stimulates and boosts the immune system and fixes DNA damage. The intake of milk thistle on a regular basis is known to improve your immunity and the body becomes better at fighting off infections.


Silymarin has been proven to fight off the development of breast, prostate, and cervical cancer in test tubes.

Side effects

One of the best things about milk thistle is its gentle nature. It does have a mild and short-lived laxative effect for some people. If you have a ragweed allergy, you should avoid milk thistle as it may lead to an allergic reaction.

Taking this supplement alone will help, but If you want MORE I challenge you to a 10 Day Cleanse!

Check out my Youtube Video on Milk Thistle!

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