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Pick a Powerful Word of the Year!

Updated: Mar 29

What is the word of the year?

You pick a word to set your intentions for the new year. It’s your goals condensed down to just one powerful word. This is one single word that you will focus on throughout the entire year. Your word of the year will be a gentle reminder about your priorities and should help you refocus throughout the year.

Remembering one word for the year shouldn’t be too tricky, but if you have to write it on a sticky note, place it in your office, bathroom mirror, or front of your journal or planner.

How do you pick your word of the year?

First, take a second to brainstorm and evaluate your life. Then, ask questions: What do you already have planned? What is the focus for this year? And most importantly, how do you want your year to go? Scan the list and see what pops out to you at first glance! If you’re left with more than one, consider focusing on one word per quarter.

We devised a list of words to help you pick your own! Set yourself up to have the best year ever!

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