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Daily Intentions: The Eytomology of the Days of the Week

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Have you ever thought of where the term "day" came from? Or what about the names of the days of the week? The days of the week were derived from deities many, many, many moons ago. Have an open mind while reading this, and I challenge you to set an intention each day that aligns with your found knowledge of the days of the week!


"Sun's day” came from the Latin term "dies solis.” The sun in astrology is all about vitality and the caregiver of life. Sunday is a timely day to improve one's sense of vigor, agriculture, beauty, hope, and self-expression. Create something from nothing and prepare to win. Sunday is associated with the colors yellow and gold.


Monday is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “monandæg,” which translates to moon's day. Monday is ruled by the moon, which represents one’s nurturing and emotional instinct. Mondays are best for setting intentions and developing your intuition. Celebrate life, and make some magic to fix what's broken. Monday is connected to lunar colors like silver, white, or pale blue.


Mars, the assertive and fiery planet, rules Tuesday. This is the day to lead and be courageous. Initiate action and demand justice on a Tuesday. Use this day of the week for magical workings connected to protection and initiation. Assert. Yourself, make your mark, and stake your claims! Color associations include red and oranges and warrior metals like iron and steel.


Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, which governs our mindset. Reason and be clever when making decisions. Analyze, communicate, network, and have open dialogue on Wednesday. Wednesdays are great days to do something new, step up your game, and settle your accounts. If you're up for a challenge, meet @EquanimityAthletics in mid city for an adult indoor volleyball league every Wednesday night (dm us for me info)! This day is associated with the color purple.


Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, representing abundance, prosperity, and the principle of expansion. Today it is easier to reach high ideals and principles. Expand your horizons, travel, and learn something new on Thursday. This is also the best day to begin a project you care about. Take advantage of Thursday by being grateful, focusing on abundance, and embracing prosperity. Thursday is a day for royal blues and greens.


Love day! Venus, the planet of harmony, money, and possessions, rules Friday. This day has a graceful, charming, sensual, and social tone—a great day for a party. Friday connects matters of the heart and is also an excellent day for a wedding. Make intelligent financial investments on Fridays. Focus on harmony, friendship, and growth, and take advantage of Friday’s correspondences. Plant the seeds! Pink and aqua are associated with Friday.


Saturn rules Saturday. A day of commitment and responsibility, but also restriction and delay. With structure comes success, and it's possible to achieve something long-lasting and successful on Saturday. It will require diligent work and a sober, realistic approach. It’s also an excellent time to wrap things up. Focus on creativity, fortune, and hope. Keep the unwelcomed things out and eliminate things that make you miserable. Starve everything that doesn't align with your goals and dreams. This day is connected to black and dark purple.

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