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What do Health Coaches do ?

Align with clients seeking self-directed long-lasting lifestyle changes that promote health and wellness to overall enhance well being. Coaches display unconditional positive regard for their clients and a belief in their capacity for change. Healthy Lifestyle Coaching focuses on combined Exercise and Wellness, Nutrition and Health science to provide you with a solid background in Preventative Health Care. 

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About Jade Morning

My mission is to help you discover your superpower, create balance and alignment within yourself. A few years ago, I ate and drank carelessly and spent 40 hours sitting on my ass in a cubicle. Within a year I gained so much weight, lacked energy, and had tons of cravings. I suffered through acne, hair loss, poor sleeping schedule, lack of sex drive, and painful periods.  It felt like there were no answers out there for me, so I created my own.I was drawn initially into Nursing school because I have a passion for helping people, but I had a conflict with Western medicine approaches. I chose to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Healthy Life Sciences and Wellness Coaching.

Every day I am inspired to create programs that help address, educate, enlighten, and support people. It’s my mission to make the journey simple and exciting.

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Culver City, Los Angeles

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