Customized Workout Guide

Customized Workout Guide

There is no one size fits all workout plan.


With a customized workout guide, you are in control over all variables. Personalizing your training program means changing the intensity and difficulty of the exercises according to your ability and lifestyle. But because you want to make progress, your workout shouldn’t become an easy routine, either. Each workout should be enjoyable but also push you beyond your limits.


You need this guide if you:


  • Want spice up your gym/at home sessions
  • Don't know where to start in the fitness world
  • Need accountability and and goal setting 
  • Don't have any equipment at home


Your guide will be tailored to your lifestyle and fitness goals for 4 weeks (1 month). Based upon a short questionnaire to get to know you, your current level, and time/availability, we provide you the exercises, directions, and a plan to perform them, in an easy to read format, that you can take to the gym or workout at home.