28 Days Of HIIT

28 Days Of HIIT

To join the challenge, you will have to send in Day 1 Photos by February 5th, 2021!


The challenge will include the tools, resources, and workouts to help develop healthy exercise and nutrition habits. If you are gearing up for a big event, birthday, vacation- or ready to take control of your health, this is the perfect opportunity.


What you’ll get:

-HIIT Calendar

-HIIT Workouts

-A Coach by your side:

Each participant can receive daily support in an online telegram group to fine-tune goals, form, and technique, and receive personal support and guidance.


What you’ll give:

-100% of your effort- I ask you simply give your best

-Your time, but not all of it! Expect to work out between 30-50 minutes each day


How it works:

When you register with your photos, please list your fitness and health goals. You’ll fully commit to 28 Days of HIIT.  The Prize winner will be selected based on overall transformation and dedication to the program. All competitors are eligible for the prize. The registration will only be from January 28th-February 5th and a winner will be chosen on March 5th.