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What do Health Coaches do ?

Align with clients seeking self-directed long-lasting lifestyle changes that promote health and wellness to overall enhance well being. Coaches display unconditional positive regard for their clients and a belief in their capacity for change. Healthy Lifestyle Coaching focuses on combined Exercise and Wellness, Nutrition and Health science to provide you with a solid background in Preventative Health Care. 

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About Jade Morning

Jade Morning is a Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Entrepreneur. Her brand @EquanimityAlthetics consists of comfortable activewear for women. She also helps @Resolutebrand provide high-quality multifunctional resistance bands. The passion she has is always reciprocated by her audience. She trains and coaches women of all ages from children to mothers with a wide range of workouts from volleyball practices, stairs, IG Lives, and boot camps. She also works closely with @blackomwellness to further push the narrative of self-care for all of us.

Every day she is inspired to create programs that help address, educate, enlighten, and support people. It’s her mission to make the journey simple and exciting.

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How Can I Help ?

Culver City, Los Angeles

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